Mother, Son/Father, Daughter

I love getting to share new experiences with my family.  Recently my wife had to cancel plans with us last minute and my mom filled her place for an evening out to dinner and musical theater.

My mom had never eaten sushi (one of my daughter and my favorites), so we took her to our favorite spot and ordered all of the “cooked” rolls she would feel safe trying ….  I may have tried to slip a rainbow roll in there too, but she wouldn’t budge on that one.  She enjoyed it, but I’m not sure it’d ever be her first choice.  I, on the other hand, could eat my weight in crunchy shrimp rolls.  (If you’ve never been to Peter’s Sushi in Brentwood, TN … you’re missing out).

From there we hit the red carpet for a production by our local children’s theater (more on this in tomorrow’s post).  It was a fantastic evening with great company.

Call up your mama and invite her out to dinner!  Maybe get her to try something new.


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