You’ll never believe what happened today.  I.mowed.the.lawn.   I know, right?!  You’re totally gasping in disbelief, but it happened and I didn’t die. And it wasn’t at all embarrassing when my neighbor came up to laughingly comment about the “jungle” I was traipsing through.  I’m sure she totally believed me when I said the mower had been in the shop (no, really…it was).  Or how every time I planned to mow, it rained.  I avoided the “I’m never home” story since, well, I work from home and all.

Regardless – it’s DONE!  And to all those (mom) who say it should be so easy and take 20 minutes or so … it took over an hour.  I have like a 1/4 acre and, literally, from the time I pulled the starter to the time I pushed it back into the garage … over an hour.  I mean, yes, I did have to stop every 2 seconds to unclog the damn thing … but still.



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