Slow Down

I’m loving that with every Together Tuesday post, I have another reason to brag on or praise my wife vs how I found myself a few months ago … complaining frequently.  It’s really hard to love someone through a depression that’s not only taking them down, but taking you with them.  Even harder when you can’t afford the help that’s needed and it feels like the one going through it is unwilling to bend in an effort to make SOMETHING work.  I’m so thankful that things are looking up and with my wife’s newfound happiness, comes consistent surprises like the one I’m about to tell you about.

Last Wednesday morning, we attended our daughter’s 5th grade talent show/celebration.  At the end, they played a slideshow of all the students and picked songs that were obviously intended to make us all cry  (thanks for that, teachers).  One of the songs touched my wife and she felt an immediate pull to record it for our daughter.  She mentioned this to me in passing on Thursday (big step for her) and then tossed the idea out to our musician friend at a party Friday night (HUGE step for her) and by Saturday afternoon we had a completed song for Mother’s Day on Sunday.

I’m still in shock and awe that this happened.  It’s a true testament to where my wife is mentally and emotionally right now.  It’s amazing how much more confident she is and the risks she’s willing to take as a result.  I pray we can continue to ride this wave to recovery and enjoy many more victories like these along the way.

Here’s her recording of Nichole Nordeman’s, “Slow Down”.  Have tissues ready.


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