What Could Have Been

Tomorrow I’ll be 38.  Ironically, my birthday doesn’t have me thinking about how fast another year has passed … but listening (again) to my wife’s unexpected recording (see previous post) has me in pain for all that could have been.

To start, the lyrics of the song are all about how fast a child is growing up …so that doesn’t help as I’ve watched our daughter grow from a baby to a young woman over the last year (help me).  Nothing has made time appear to accelerate more than her rapid maturing.  But hearing my wife sing after so many years of hiding, and wondering where we’d be had we both not been such chicken shits and/or lazy about following our dreams …. well, let’s just say it wouldn’t be here.

What I DO know though is “here” is not so bad.  Had we gone on to become famous recording artists … God knows if we’d still be together.  And if we were, Maddie might not be in the picture.  Any world without Maddie is one I don’t want to live in.  I reckon where we’ve ended up is a pretty special place.  I’ll take dueting with my wife or daughter over a Grammy any day.  We get to see our friends and family regularly.  We can sing, dance, laugh, love whenever we want.  We may not get paid for it, but we get joy from it.


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