Birthdays on Facebook…

The emotional:  Usually includes a picture (or collage) and a paragraph describing you and what you mean to that person.  Has the potential to make you cry.  Mostly just makes you happy that other people are reading how awesome you are.

The meme:  These are great because it means the person knows you enough to seek out something they think you’d either find funny or just fits you in general.  Best when coupled with a short personal message.

The distant friend:  This makes up the majority of posts and usually looks like “Happy birthday, friend.  I hope you’ve had an awesome day.  You deserve it.”  I leave this type of message a lot because I DO care about those people even if we don’t talk much anymore.

The direct sales:  “Happy birthday”.  This comes from a person you rarely know and would never normally talk to.  They probably have no idea or interest in who you are, but if they post on your wall the facebook algorithm is more likely to put their posts back in your daily newsfeed thanks to the interaction.  (Yes, this is a real thing)

The why bother:  “HBD”.  I mean, seriously?  You can’t even type out the 2 words?


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