Got My Mind On My Money

I believe strongly in the law of attraction.  To clarify, I don’t believe that just thinking about things will cause them to change or manifest in your life.  What I believe is that your thoughts control your perception of the reality around you.  If you think “I can’t”, then when the opportunity you’ve been waiting for comes along, you will probably talk yourself out of taking it.  But if you are constantly reminding yourself that the opportunity is out there and on its way, then when it shows up, you will recognize it for what it is.

The beginning of this year started with a very positive JR.  I was ready to make changes and, because my mind was focused on those changes, things began to change.  Somewhere between that excited New Year’s self and the one sitting with you now, almost halfway through the year, I became a negative thinker.  I switched my thoughts from what could be to what isn’t.  All I’ve seen around me is the lack.  I see the things that need to change vs the change that needs to happen.  May JR is not in a very good place and it’s so obvious why.

I am creating my negative experience by constantly thinking negatively.  I have no money … like none.  I won’t even begin to go into details, but it’s not good.  Could I easily change that?  To some extent, pretty easily.  BUT, I’ve been so down in the dumps about what’s got me here that I haven’t let myself think about what’s gonna get me out!  And when I take the steps to do the things I know can help, my little cloud of “meh” rains on my parade the entire time and turns me, the procrastinator, into the never-starter.

SO – here I am.  A week after saying “fuck it” to my money situation and I’m gonna turn it around and say “let’s fucking do this!”  I’m going to allow my mind to look for more opportunities and embrace the ones I have with an eager and excited mind.  I’m going to grab my paint brush and knock out commissions with enthusiasm.  I’m going to stop thinking my ideas are silly and far-fetched and talk to people about actually pursuing some of them.  And somewhere along the way, I’m gonna pay a bill or two! …because, for fuck’s sake, they’re all due!


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