Summer Hair Don’t Care

My 11 yo daughter loves to be crazy.  It’s a good kind of crazy though.  The kind of crazy that makes her fearless to try new things or stand out in a crowd as more of herself vs the status quo.  I hope she always has a little bit of that crazy in her.  We could all use a little of that kind of crazy.  And for that reason, I didn’t hesitate or even delay in keeping my promise that, once school was out for the summer and dress code was no longer an issue, she could add some fun color to her hair.  In fact, I was the one who surprised her with a trip to Sally’s and I even put the color in myself.

The result was a very happy, slightly crazy tween.  And I love it too.

(PS – her hair was still a little wet in these pics so the color didn’t stand out as much as it does in-person)



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