Now Hear This

Sound therapy?  Who knew that was a thing?  Well, I guess nothing should surprise us these days.  But this one actually makes some sense.

I’m just diving in, but the incredibly basic basics of it all is the idea that our body responds to certain frequencies/tones in positive and negative ways.  That combined with (at times) subliminal messages can help redirect the brain to change or elevate mode and even heal certain ailments.

A friend just recently shared this with me so I haven’t much to report on, however, she swears that she and her husband have both been much happier since playing some of the positive mood elevators in the background.  Placebo?  Could be, except her husband has no clue she’s doing it so while she might feel better by self-coercion, his newly found pep-in-the-step is a pretty convincing coincidence.

Check it out here and decide for yourself.


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