TWENTY years ago today, J.K. Rowling released her debut novel and found “a world that <she> had lived in alone was suddenly open to others”.   Just three short years ago, I couldn’t have told you a thing about Harry Potter other than he was a wizard boy with a popular series Mandy and I […]

I’m An Open Bill

This weekend I finally confronted some fears and opened the giant stack of bills I had been turning a blind eye to.  It was pretty amazing how quickly the stress melted away once I put a ‘known’ to the unknown.  It was no longer this giant looming scary blackhole, but exact numbers and due dates […]

Downward Fish

Today I tried SUP Yoga for the first time.  SUP = Stand Up Paddling if you haven’t picked up on that from my previous posts.  I barely do yoga on land, so moving it to a floating board on the water was a fun challenge.  The core and focus it takes to not fall off […]

For The Kids

So even though my plans for paddleboarding were canceled today, I did get a chance to have some fun on the dance floor.  Every year, my boss and I lead a master class for DC Dance Factory’s Summer Intensives program.  It’s always a blast because these kids WANT to be there and LOVE to dance […]

Too Soaked For SUP

Boooooo.  Thanks to the tropical storm in the gulf, we’ve had a ton of rain and wind which is canceling my time with friends today.  We were supposed to go Paddleboarding and it was going to be my first time leading an Intro class.  Oh well, reschedule we will.  Sad I’ll be.

When Sh*t Hits The Sh*tter Fan

So the fan in our master bathroom is making an obnoxious, scary noise.  It just happened out of the blue one day, as if a small creature crawled inside and got beheaded and now it’s body is being thumped over and over again with each spin of the blades (Don’t ask why I painted SUCH […]