Inspire Me

Remember that “season” I said I was going through a few posts back?  It hasn’t passed yet, but it seems to come in waves and hit different areas of my life.  Lately, one of the biggest hits has been to my creativity.  Despite having a recent co-write and 2 paintings under my belt, I’m…uninspired.  I desperately need new choreography for my fitness classes and I just can’t find the steps.  I sit down to right and I just can’t find the words.  No, it’s not that…. it’s that I can’t find a topic.  This blog is structured to encourage me to plan and execute areas in my life that have been lacking.  It’s not working right now. Right now I’m just getting from morning to night.  I need more sleep, I need more money, I need more peace and I desperately need more adventure.  So today, on SaturPLAY, when I’m supposed to be getting into something fun and exciting … I’m gonna try and find inspiration.


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