Work Wife

I seem to go through phases where I’m really enthusiastic about helping with my wife’s business and then I’m completely turned off by the whole thing and don’t want to touch it. Honestly, I think it’s less the business and more our dynamic as a couple.

Right now we’re riding out one of my highs. I helped with something that was successful and it has snowballed from there. It’s enjoyable during this time where my wife is grateful that I’m taking an interest. What happens though is that gratefulness turns into expectation of a continued level of involvement and, suddenly, my enjoyable good deed turns into an obligation and… bye, Felicia!

i have to learn to puse through those moments. To enjoy the highs and work through the lows vs reacting in a way that makes them even lower and effect more than just the business. I’m not saying I know how to do that just yet, but at least I have an idea of how we crash and burn so, hopefully, I can spot it in advance in adjust my behavior.

Wish me luck.


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