It’s The Climb

SoulFULL Sunday when I’m feeling anything but “full” these days. I go through the day peacefully oblivious …or purposefully denying… that anything is wrong. That I don’t have unpaid bills or a to do list that I can’t bring myself to do. I conveniently forget that I’m falling apart. And then the night comes and I sit down to write (or completely forget like I did last night) and it all hits me at once. Like a freight train of responsibility ready to leave me dead on the tracks.

Some nights it inspires me. I go to bed with my mind racing about new ways to make money or spend more quality time with the fam. Other times it just crushes me with its enormous weight. How will I ever climb out of this hole I’ve dug?

Well the answer is right there, isn’t it? The hole *I’ve* dug. If I put myself here then I can certainly get myself out. I’ve just got to stop waiting for a rope to be dropped and start climbing the walls.


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