Love Bermuda Triangle

Marriage can be such an odd thing at times. I mean, you stick two people together…forever…and hope that as they grow and evolve as individuals, that the growth is in the same direction. A lot of times it’s not though.

I am not the same person my wife married and vice versa. You can’t live 15 years of life and not change to some extent. Furthermore, you can’t have 15 years of highs and lows and come out on the other side without some expectations and resentments. Those things, alone, change who you are and definitely change the dynamic of your relationship from starry-eyed newlyweds to reality-stricken ball and chains.

I don’t really have a point in saying all of this other than to recognize that change, in our relationship at least, is both good and bad. It has the potential to take you to new and exciting places ….and hopefully you get to experience them together.


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