Om My God, Shutup!

I love trying new things to help balance mind/body/spirit. Today’s “thing” was a yoga class …believe it or not, my first.  Sure, I’ve done a video at home and some extended stretching in other classes that use yoga poses, but this was a full hour of om.  (Though, technically, we never ommed).

The good:  I loved getting to do this sandwiched between my two ladies.  It took away a lot of my insecurities knowing my 11yo was not doing anything remotely right (ha).  The teacher was great.  She explained every move clearly and went around to readjust those who needed it.

The bad:  The venue was having an open house complete with booths that attracted very loud people.  While we were being told to “relax and listen to our breath”, all we could hear was the party going on a few steps away.  Even the trainer from the boot camp right before our class was being obnoxiously loud and trying to show off for the guys who were there.  She had no issues bouncing around (literally, doing burpees) on the springboard we were all relaxing on. So basically there was NO relaxing…just teeth gritting.

The result:  I walked out feeling great in my body.  My muscles/joints are a little sore from the depth of some stretches, but it’s a good sore.  I could tell I released a lot of muscle tension and even feel elongated.  I also walked out pretty pissed off at the disrespect that was shown by everybody outside of the class.  As a manager of a fitness studio, I’m not sure who thought it was a good idea to put these two things together in the same room.  I’m thankful it was free because I would have left if not.

I will definitely try yoga again.  I might even go back to this place, knowing that not every class will have a parade going on in the background.  Yoga good.  People bad.



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