When Sh*t Hits The Sh*tter Fan

So the fan in our master bathroom is making an obnoxious, scary noise.  It just happened out of the blue one day, as if a small creature crawled inside and got beheaded and now it’s body is being thumped over and over again with each spin of the blades (Don’t ask why I painted SUCH a picture with that one).

Today I went to take a shower and when I turned the fan on, I almost jumped out of my skin at the shock of the noise.  SO, I did what any guy with a 5 minute window to shower would do … I stood on the toilet and spent 10 minutes taking the fan apart, dusting it (gross, by the way … I think I would’ve preferred the headless creature) and putting it back together.

The result:  It sounds exactly the same and my bathroom is now covered with a layer of nasty dust.



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