Will Trade Money for Sleep

I woke up at 8. Left the house at 9. Taught a cardio class at 10. Left the studio at 11. Taught an Intro class at 12. Clocked in at 2. Clocked out at 8. Had dinner at 9. Am ready to crash at 10. And still not enough money. Advertisements

Help Wanted

There’s a part in the movie The Family Stone where Sarah Jessica Parker’s character finds out her fiance’ has fallen for her sister and she attempts to retaliate by saying she slept with his brother …. but then finds out they actually DIDN’T sleep together … she just got drunk and passed out.  You don’t […]

Cover Up

I didn’t blog yesterday.  It wasn’t an accident, it was an intentional decision to ignore my commitment.  I even had things to blog about and still decided not to.  I have so much to say and yet this isn’t the forum to do it in.  Someday I’ll be able to sit down and just be […]

Piece by Piece

Guess who actually did some things around the house this week?!  Nothing major … but things that have needed to be done for quite some time.  The “nothing major” part makes the length of time it took to accomplish them even more embarrassing (and ridiculous). I repaired the lamp that tried to catch our house […]

The Family That Sings Together

So I know Together Tuesday is all about marriage …and I’m supposed to save the rest of the family for Fridays… BUT the fact that my wife is in this video singing is a big deal so really this IS all about her! The first time I ever laid eyes on Mandy, she was on […]


It’s Money Monday and the further I get into this year and this blog, the less qualified I feel to write about this topic.  I’m working my ass off and it still feels like I’m so far behind that I’ll never catch up.  Literally picking up every extra shift and dollar where I can and […]