Olive Branch

Today has been a whirlwind of emotions surrounding the Mrs.  It started with an email conversation that left my mind snowballing towards divorce.  A dramatic jump from the actual topic of the email, but a realistic one in terms of what that one tiny thing meant for the bigger picture of our marriage.

I was on the verge of tears for my 40 min drive to work … which was a nice change from the constant numbness I’ve been feeling lately … but shortly after arriving, I saw a facebook post she made about missing her mom (who passed a few years ago) and it made me have empathy for her vs anger.  I sent her a text with my love and it changed the tone of the whole day.  Her communication was no longer short.  My fuse was no longer lit.

We had a long day apart (me at work, she at a farewell dinner for friends) so around 10pm, when we finally crossed paths again, we had one of the best “catch up on your day” talks we’ve had in ages.  It felt healthy and normal.  Like what couples SHOULD do at the end of the day vs silently numb out in front of the tv and then whisper goodnight from a distance …. which, sadly, I feel is far too common a scenario in most marriages. And all it took was a little empathy during a moment where the last thing I wanted to do was consider her feelings.

If only we could always remember that we’re not the only ones who are broken.


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