You’ve probably caught on by now that I work at the lake during the summer and LOVE Stand Up Paddling (SUP).  My daughter enjoys it as well … in theory.  We always get out there and 15 minutes in she’s asking to swim.  She hates paddling long distances and complains if I attempt any kind of excursion.

Enter kayak.

We also rent kayaks at our business and I figured it’d be worth a shot to see if she took to that any better than SUP.  We packed a few snacks and bottles of water and headed to the lake for … not a quick little playtime around our cove, but a full on trip to the local marina restaurant 2.5 miles away.  It took us just shy of an hour to get there and we had a blast the whole time.  Lunch was great (I made mine extra great with a very strong Bushwhacker) and we enjoyed the time sitting outdoors near the water (as if we hadn’t just gotten off the water ha).

After about an hour for lunch, we headed back the 2.5 miles to put the kayak away and head home.  Two full hours of paddling had my shoulders screaming, but I’m ready to do it again tomorrow!



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