Carrie & Me

I feel like Carrie Bradshaw.  Ok, not really…but that was my first thought tonight as I picked up my computer to blog.  And didn’t she romanticize writing?  I mean, how cool was she with a cocktail and cigarette, tapping out the latest column in her undies while looking out over NYC?!  But the hell if that’s reality….at least here.

True, I’m usually in my PJs when I sit down to write.  And I frequently have a glass of wine in hand as well.  But that’s about where the similarities end.  What Carrie had that I don’t is a drive to create amazing content that people wanted to read.  I mean, it was her job too so I guess the desire to not get fired was driving her as well, but you knew when she sat down, it was with the intention of creating magic.

When I sit down, I just hope something comes out.  And since I’m not doing this for anyone but myself, I’m not typically writing with you (the reader) in mind … since right now you don’t really exist.  But maybe I should be.  In a weird kind of chicken and the egg dilemma, one must wonder if I wrote with the intention of catching your attention, if the quality of my writing would change?!  OR would it cause me to view this as one of those commitments that I don’t want to do (because I “have” to) and then die a sudden death?

I guess there’s only one way to find out.  But it ain’t today.


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