Night & Day

Last night I hung out with 3 “kids” from work.  They’re all in their early 20s, whereas I’m in my late 30s (that was just EXTREMELY painful to say), but they treat me like one of them.

We hung at a house and drank LOTS of alcohol.  I’m pretty sure I had half a bottle of rum and a beer or two thanks to Kings Cup — a drinking game that was hella fun.  We laughed so hard …some of us even fell out of our chairs at one point (oops).  It was fucking fantastic.

Then tonight, while still slightly hungover, I went out with a few friends my age to celebrate a birthday.  We went to a nice restaurant and had dinner and drinks (only 2 beers for me, please) and our wild party ended before 9.

I don’t love my my-age friends any less than my new baby friends.  In fact, I’ve known them all a lot longer and have deeper relationships as a result.  But man, I sure wished I was with the kids all night tonight.  Life is just …. lighter … with the younger generation.

But alas, I am not the younger generation.




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