Silent But Violent

Had a great “Together Tuesday”.  That’s not true…had an odd time together today.

Our whole day was planned around Maddie and getting some fun things in before school starts Friday.  We started with lunch that I would describe as awkward.  My wife seemed agitated and barely spoke to me.  Then I took Maddie to get a haircut and, after, we met Mandy at the movie theater to see Spider Man.  Again, she was kind of quiet with me, but seemed fine with Maddie.  (This has kind of been the theme this week since going out with some friends she wasn’t real comfortable with a few nights ago.)  After the movie, we picked up dinner at Publix where she was definitely moody and dinner was cut short, at least on her end, by an online training she had to be a part of for work.

After Maddie went to bed, we watched some tv and she seemed “ok”, but she still went off to bed without saying much of a goodnight.  Shortly after going up, she called for me to bring her some water …she was feeling sick.  Turned out to be one of her unexplained back spasms related (we think) to either her GI issues or some kind of undiagnosed food allergy.  I spent some time massaging her back and we talked as if we’d been fine the entire day.

I don’t get it, but I’m happy we at least ended on a good note.  Well…as good as it can be when your wife is curled up in a ball of pain.


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