Silent But Violent

Had a great “Together Tuesday”.  That’s not true…had an odd time together today. Our whole day was planned around Maddie and getting some fun things in before school starts Friday.  We started with lunch that I would describe as awkward.  My wife seemed agitated and barely spoke to me.  Then I took Maddie to get […]

August …

You know that part in Twilight: New Moon (don’t act like you haven’t read it) where there are blank pages with nothing but the names of the months that are passing while Bella is in her funk?  I feel like that’s where I am right now.  When I look back at this time in my […]

Hold On, Heart

I’m so exhausted.  My work is SO much fun, don’t get me wrong, but it’s nonstop right now.  Beyond the physical, I’m mentally and emotionally drained.  I’m letting too many things play mind tricks with me and send me into depressions I don’t need to be in.  But I’m no stranger to all the feels. […]

Night & Day

Last night I hung out with 3 “kids” from work.  They’re all in their early 20s, whereas I’m in my late 30s (that was just EXTREMELY painful to say), but they treat me like one of them. We hung at a house and drank LOTS of alcohol.  I’m pretty sure I had half a bottle […]

Basic Bitch

I didn’t blog again yesterday … and this time it wasn’t intentional.  I totally forgot.  Go me.  Ironically it was Work of Art Wednesday and I actually had an update for that.  (I feel like I’ve written that exact line in a previous blog …. I also feel like I’ve written that one as well). […]

RIP To My Youth

I’m sitting here feeling stupid and yet relieved in some strange way.  First, let me start by saying I’m 3/4 deep into a bottle of wine … drinking solo.  (This may explain things) I am alternating between bopping along to the music in the background while painting and tearing up while checking my phone every […]