Too Soaked For SUP

Boooooo.  Thanks to the tropical storm in the gulf, we’ve had a ton of rain and wind which is canceling my time with friends today.  We were supposed to go Paddleboarding and it was going to be my first time leading an Intro class.  Oh well, reschedule we will.  Sad I’ll be.

Nashville Humane

One of our favorite things to do as a family is not something most people would have on their radar as a “to do” at all. The Nashville Humane Society is an amazing facility that allows the most hands-on interaction with the animals that I’ve ever experienced outside a petting zoo. You can go into […]

Life Jar

I saw a video similar to this today and thought it was such a smart way to look at how we fill our days and, ultimately, our life.  Right now, I’ll be honest, I’m a little backwards and my jar is full, but feels empty.  I hope this inspires you to make some changes if […]

Water + Wine

One of my new favorite summer-time “cocktails” (if you want to call it that) is about as simple as it gets. 1 bottle cheap Moscato (I literally use the $2.99 bottles) 2 cans La Croix sparking water (flavor of your choice, but I love their Apricot Peach) Directions:  Pour 1/4 bottle of wine into a […]


For all the meh that May has brought, it’s also had some pretty great moments too.  One of them was celebrating my bday on the dance floor with my peeps.  Sadly, with it being the last week of school, we lost 10-12 people who wanted to be there, but had other commitments.  I was […]


Birthdays on Facebook… The emotional:  Usually includes a picture (or collage) and a paragraph describing you and what you mean to that person.  Has the potential to make you cry.  Mostly just makes you happy that other people are reading how awesome you are. The meme:  These are great because it means the person knows […]

Beautiful Beautiful

My daughter made her solo stage debut at the 5th Grade talent show this week.  I think it’s rather poetic how she stepped onto the stage as she’s stepping out of elementary — a clear sign of the independence and courage that’s to come as she transitions into this new chapter of life. Here’s a vid […]