Mom and dad are going out of town tomorrow so we’ve taken in their 2 pups for the week.  If you’re counting, that makes 5 dogs up in hur! Advertisements


You’ve probably caught on by now that I work at the lake during the summer and LOVE Stand Up Paddling (SUP).  My daughter enjoys it as well … in theory.  We always get out there and 15 minutes in she’s asking to swim.  She hates paddling long distances and complains if I attempt any kind […]

La La Ville

I got to date night it on a Thursday with my beautiful bride.  We went to see the Nashville Symphony Orchestra perform along with the movie La La Land.  What an incredible score!!  It was a treat!

Missing Kid

My kiddo’s been gone for 2 days.  She’s just 20 min down the street at my parents’ house, but it’s still not here.  I’m not one of those parents who needs to spend every waking moment with their child.  In fact, I welcome the break and know she loves her time at the g’rents….. but […]

Too Soaked For SUP

Boooooo.  Thanks to the tropical storm in the gulf, we’ve had a ton of rain and wind which is canceling my time with friends today.  We were supposed to go Paddleboarding and it was going to be my first time leading an Intro class.  Oh well, reschedule we will.  Sad I’ll be.

Nashville Humane

One of our favorite things to do as a family is not something most people would have on their radar as a “to do” at all. The Nashville Humane Society is an amazing facility that allows the most hands-on interaction with the animals that I’ve ever experienced outside a petting zoo. You can go into […]

Life Jar

I saw a video similar to this today and thought it was such a smart way to look at how we fill our days and, ultimately, our life.  Right now, I’ll be honest, I’m a little backwards and my jar is full, but feels empty.  I hope this inspires you to make some changes if […]