Will Trade Money for Sleep

I woke up at 8. Left the house at 9. Taught a cardio class at 10. Left the studio at 11. Taught an Intro class at 12. Clocked in at 2. Clocked out at 8. Had dinner at 9. Am ready to crash at 10. And still not enough money. Advertisements


It’s Money Monday and the further I get into this year and this blog, the less qualified I feel to write about this topic.  I’m working my ass off and it still feels like I’m so far behind that I’ll never catch up.  Literally picking up every extra shift and dollar where I can and […]

Passive Aggressive Income

My wife just sent me a blog that has great ideas for ways to create passive income …. the kind of income where, once your initial startup is in place, you don’t really have to do much to maintain what’s producing the income.  (I’m not sure that sentence made sense, but we’re gonna go with […]

Dollar Days

Another day, another dollar owed.  This is me ignoring the problem that will never go away.  Praying I confront it before it confronts me.

Brick by Brick

I am fighting to keep this little blog alive.  Not alive in the sense that anybody, but me is reading it, but alive in that I’m even writing it.  More and more I’m finding myself sitting down to blog and realizing I never did the night before.  It’s not for lack of caring, it’s for […]

I’m An Open Bill

This weekend I finally confronted some fears and opened the giant stack of bills I had been turning a blind eye to.  It was pretty amazing how quickly the stress melted away once I put a ‘known’ to the unknown.  It was no longer this giant looming scary blackhole, but exact numbers and due dates […]

The Lion Eats Tonight

I have reached a level of denial I didn’t think was possible.  It’s like I’m walking straight towards a hungry, wild lion while wearing a meat suit and looking just over his head admiring the pretty sunset.  I know the lion is there.  I know he’s about to eat me.  But I keep walking towards […]