I’m An Open Bill

This weekend I finally confronted some fears and opened the giant stack of bills I had been turning a blind eye to.  It was pretty amazing how quickly the stress melted away once I put a ‘known’ to the unknown.  It was no longer this giant looming scary blackhole, but exact numbers and due dates […]

The Lion Eats Tonight

I have reached a level of denial I didn’t think was possible.  It’s like I’m walking straight towards a hungry, wild lion while wearing a meat suit and looking just over his head admiring the pretty sunset.  I know the lion is there.  I know he’s about to eat me.  But I keep walking towards […]

Rich In Smiles

These two quotes, which recently popped up in my TimeHop app, are me, Me, ME!! This is why I’m happy. This is also why I’m poor. I’ll take happt over rich any day… but it sure would be nice to have both!

Got My Mind On My Money

I believe strongly in the law of attraction.  To clarify, I don’t believe that just thinking about things will cause them to change or manifest in your life.  What I believe is that your thoughts control your perception of the reality around you.  If you think “I can’t”, then when the opportunity you’ve been waiting […]

The Finger

Money.  Right now, all I have to say is …who the fuck cares.  That’s where I am with money.  Kiss my grits.  Sucks my nuts.  Middle fingers up.  Boy, bye!

Change Needed

Another day, another reminder that I don’t know what the hell I’m doing when it comes to money.  Actually, that’s not true at all.  It’s another reminder that I don’t care enough (until it’s too late) to pay attention and manage money the way I KNOW I should.