Hold On, Heart

I’m so exhausted.  My work is SO much fun, don’t get me wrong, but it’s nonstop right now.  Beyond the physical, I’m mentally and emotionally drained.  I’m letting too many things play mind tricks with me and send me into depressions I don’t need to be in.  But I’m no stranger to all the feels. […]


What is it about sleep that I hate so much?  I mean, I must hate it if I keep avoiding it, right?  I’m barely able to keep my eyes open and yet I’m still not anywhere near heading to bed and yet …AND YET… I’m not really doing anything of ANY importance. Me needs sleeps.

Cotton Paddle

I should be drinking water and instead of drinking beer. I should be eating vegetables and instead I’m eating pizza. I should be going to bed and instead I’m about to watch an hour of tv. Story of my life. If you have a child, you are probably a master at telling someone else how […]

Is This Real Life?

I feel asleep on the couch just now.  On purpose.  I needed to blog and was having trouble focusing on anything else but wanting to sleep, so I closed the computer and gave myself permission to fall asleep for a minute.  Two hours later I awoke, disoriented and confused.  Apple Music, which I had left […]

Downward Fish

Today I tried SUP Yoga for the first time.  SUP = Stand Up Paddling if you haven’t picked up on that from my previous posts.  I barely do yoga on land, so moving it to a floating board on the water was a fun challenge.  The core and focus it takes to not fall off […]

Om My God, Shutup!

I love trying new things to help balance mind/body/spirit. Today’s “thing” was a yoga class …believe it or not, my first.  Sure, I’ve done a video at home and some extended stretching in other classes that use yoga poses, but this was a full hour of om.  (Though, technically, we never ommed). The good:  I […]

It’s The Climb

SoulFULL Sunday when I’m feeling anything but “full” these days. I go through the day peacefully oblivious …or purposefully denying… that anything is wrong. That I don’t have unpaid bills or a to do list that I can’t bring myself to do. I conveniently forget that I’m falling apart. And then the night comes and […]