Downward Fish

Today I tried SUP Yoga for the first time.  SUP = Stand Up Paddling if you haven’t picked up on that from my previous posts.  I barely do yoga on land, so moving it to a floating board on the water was a fun challenge.  The core and focus it takes to not fall off […]

Om My God, Shutup!

I love trying new things to help balance mind/body/spirit. Today’s “thing” was a yoga class …believe it or not, my first.  Sure, I’ve done a video at home and some extended stretching in other classes that use yoga poses, but this was a full hour of om.  (Though, technically, we never ommed). The good:  I […]

It’s The Climb

SoulFULL Sunday when I’m feeling anything but “full” these days. I go through the day peacefully oblivious …or purposefully denying… that anything is wrong. That I don’t have unpaid bills or a to do list that I can’t bring myself to do. I conveniently forget that I’m falling apart. And then the night comes and […]


Every day it’s the same. I know what I should do and I don’t do it. Worse, I know what I shouldn’t do and I do it. I’m starting to feel the effects of not taking care of myself.  Which makes it hard to have the energy or mental capacity to take care of myself. […]

Now Hear This

Sound therapy?  Who knew that was a thing?  Well, I guess nothing should surprise us these days.  But this one actually makes some sense. I’m just diving in, but the incredibly basic basics of it all is the idea that our body responds to certain frequencies/tones in positive and negative ways.  That combined with (at […]

A Moment

This season of “meh” is making me want to give up on blogging.  Sitting down at this computer every night is one more reminder of all that I’ve left undone.  I’m great at stifling the stress, but it always comes back up to the surface in the form of a short temper or constant need […]

Mommy Dearest

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!  I am a big fan of moms … and not just because I have a great one (though that certainly helps).  Most of my friends are women and 98% of them have kiddos so, by default, I ❤ MOMS. My wife is an amazing mother and we love to spoil her whenever […]