When Sh*t Hits The Sh*tter Fan

So the fan in our master bathroom is making an obnoxious, scary noise.  It just happened out of the blue one day, as if a small creature crawled inside and got beheaded and now it’s body is being thumped over and over again with each spin of the blades (Don’t ask why I painted SUCH […]

Welcome to the Jungle

I live in the jungle in a house made of clutter. My DIY for today is just putting one step in front of the other and getting jobs done that are less about vanity and more about necessity. Some day my head will be in order again and my house will follow. But for now, […]

Pic Purge

Last night I plugged my phone into the computer to easily transfer some pics I had just taken of business inventory.  While scrolling through, I realized how many other photos were lingering that I no longer needed and decided to do a little purge.  Two hours later, I emerged from the computer. (Wha?!)  Not only had […]

Summer Hair Don’t Care

My 11 yo daughter loves to be crazy.  It’s a good kind of crazy though.  The kind of crazy that makes her fearless to try new things or stand out in a crowd as more of herself vs the status quo.  I hope she always has a little bit of that crazy in her.  We […]


You’ll never believe what happened today.  I.mowed.the.lawn.   I know, right?!  You’re totally gasping in disbelief, but it happened and I didn’t die. And it wasn’t at all embarrassing when my neighbor came up to laughingly comment about the “jungle” I was traipsing through.  I’m sure she totally believed me when I said the mower […]

I’ll Cut You

SO – the lawn.  That beast of a jungle I posted about recently.  I finally went and got gas for the mower and mentally prepared myself for the task (I hate mowing).  Came home, filled ‘er up, pulled the stringy thing and ….nothing.  Pulled harder.  Nothing.  Pulled faster.  Nothing.  Checked the oil.  Cleaned off last […]