Piece by Piece

Guess who actually did some things around the house this week?!  Nothing major … but things that have needed to be done for quite some time.  The “nothing major” part makes the length of time it took to accomplish them even more embarrassing (and ridiculous). I repaired the lamp that tried to catch our house […]


I’m making a list of things I need to do in order to grow up and into my age.  I’m clearly not walking that walk at the moment and this house is evidence.

I Can’t

I’m supposed to be writing about home improvement today, but I haven’t improved much of anything …anywhere. I feel like I’m in a medically induced numbness in this house.  I leave and, for the most part, I experience life differently than I do when I’m here.  I’m alert, active, calm, happy, energetic.  I come home […]

When Sh*t Hits The Sh*tter Fan

So the fan in our master bathroom is making an obnoxious, scary noise.  It just happened out of the blue one day, as if a small creature crawled inside and got beheaded and now it’s body is being thumped over and over again with each spin of the blades (Don’t ask why I painted SUCH […]

Welcome to the Jungle

I live in the jungle in a house made of clutter. My DIY for today is just putting one step in front of the other and getting jobs done that are less about vanity and more about necessity. Some day my head will be in order again and my house will follow. But for now, […]