Silent But Violent

Had a great “Together Tuesday”.  That’s not true…had an odd time together today. Our whole day was planned around Maddie and getting some fun things in before school starts Friday.  We started with lunch that I would describe as awkward.  My wife seemed agitated and barely spoke to me.  Then I took Maddie to get […]

The Family That Sings Together

So I know Together Tuesday is all about marriage …and I’m supposed to save the rest of the family for Fridays… BUT the fact that my wife is in this video singing is a big deal so really this IS all about her! The first time I ever laid eyes on Mandy, she was on […]

Olive Branch

Today has been a whirlwind of emotions surrounding the Mrs.  It started with an email conversation that left my mind snowballing towards divorce.  A dramatic jump from the actual topic of the email, but a realistic one in terms of what that one tiny thing meant for the bigger picture of our marriage. I was […]


TWENTY years ago today, J.K. Rowling released her debut novel and found “a world that <she> had lived in alone was suddenly open to others”.   Just three short years ago, I couldn’t have told you a thing about Harry Potter other than he was a wizard boy with a popular series Mandy and I […]

Baby Mama

I know Fathers Day is about dads and their kids, but I have to give a shout out to my wife who helped make ‘my’ day a little extra special. She got up early to make bacon and eggs to go with my favorite cheese danish that we rarely ever bring into the house (because […]

Love Bermuda Triangle

Marriage can be such an odd thing at times. I mean, you stick two people together…forever…and hope that as they grow and evolve as individuals, that the growth is in the same direction. A lot of times it’s not though. I am not the same person my wife married and vice versa. You can’t live […]

Work Wife

I seem to go through phases where I’m really enthusiastic about helping with my wife’s business and then I’m completely turned off by the whole thing and don’t want to touch it. Honestly, I think it’s less the business and more our dynamic as a couple. Right now we’re riding out one of my highs. […]