Pooch Progress

Making progress on the painting. Love that this one is not a “real life” depiction and I can have some artistic freedom. Can’t wait to share the finished product soon.  

Pooch In Progress

WORK of art in progress. This is a commission for a friend. The end result will be an artistic take of a snapshot of her pooch, but currently it’s ugly as hell. Just like life, sometimes you have to go through a little mess on your way to the pretty.

Wearable Art

I’m working on another painting, but I’ve also been helping my wife a lot with her clothing biz. I’m discovering I know how to put outfits together fairly well …or at least well enough that people want to buy them when I do. So today, this is my “art” I have to show. And if […]

Stroke, Stroke, Stroke

Paintings completed, delivered and gifted!  So excited to have these done and be moving on to the next project (which, ironically, is also a dog painting). Romeo & Sadie are Savannah’s babies and now she has a way to take them off to college with her.  8×8 Acrylic And the original shots:

Feel It

Today I walked, surprisingly confident (or at least not crazy nervous as expected), into a writing appointment with a published writer.  Co-writing with a complete stranger can be awkward enough, but throw in the fact that this guy is a “real” writer (as opposed to someone like me who can write, but doesn’t get paid […]

What Could Have Been

Tomorrow I’ll be 38.  Ironically, my birthday doesn’t have me thinking about how fast another year has passed … but listening (again) to my wife’s unexpected recording (see previous post) has me in pain for all that could have been. To start, the lyrics of the song are all about how fast a child is […]