Basic Bitch

I didn’t blog again yesterday … and this time it wasn’t intentional.  I totally forgot.  Go me.  Ironically it was Work of Art Wednesday and I actually had an update for that.  (I feel like I’ve written that exact line in a previous blog …. I also feel like I’ve written that one as well). […]

Big Dog Little Brush

It’s Work of Art Wednesday and I’m happy to report I’ve actually worked on my work of art (I’m pretty sure I started another Wednesday with that EXACT line, but hey … it’s the truth). I am blown away by how long this painting is taking me.  I guess no matter how easy the subject, […]

Pooch Progress

Making progress on the painting. Love that this one is not a “real life” depiction and I can have some artistic freedom. Can’t wait to share the finished product soon.  

Pooch In Progress

WORK of art in progress. This is a commission for a friend. The end result will be an artistic take of a snapshot of her pooch, but currently it’s ugly as hell. Just like life, sometimes you have to go through a little mess on your way to the pretty.

Wearable Art

I’m working on another painting, but I’ve also been helping my wife a lot with her clothing biz. I’m discovering I know how to put outfits together fairly well …or at least well enough that people want to buy them when I do. So today, this is my “art” I have to show. And if […]